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Specialisterne Australia

Specialisterne Australia assist organisations in recruiting and supporting people on the autism spectrum. They do this by helping employers understand, value, and include the unique skills and capabilities of people on the autism spectrum.



The Dyslexic Evolution

The Dyslexic Evolution help dyslexic people become elite professionals in their careers, while also helping organisations to benefit from the many different skills dyslexic people can provide.


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Xceptional is committed to finding autistic people find meaningful employment. Xceptional assess, place and support neurodivergent people in jobs. They also train employers in inclusion.

Neurodiversity Academy

Neurodiversity Academy is a professional career institute where neurodivergent people can learn a range of different skills and gain qualifications in an inclusive environment which is suited to their personalised learning style and needs.



Business analytics, test automation and complex software development projects are becoming increasingly important as digitalization progresses. Precision and lateral thinking is required in IT departments. This is where the extraordinary auticon employees come in: All our consultants are on the autism spectrum and have unique cognitive strengths.

auticon is an international IT service provider and the first company in Germany to exclusively employ people on the autism spectrum as IT consultants. We are extremely proud of our autism-positive work culture, recognizing each employee for their individual strengths and talents and delivering outstanding quality to our customers.


Employment Lawyer

Carly Stebbing, Resolution 123 

Carly Stebbing has over a decade of employment law experience working for employer associations, law firms and volunteering at community legal centres.



Autism: What Next?

Autism: What Next? is a simple yet comprehensive resource to help you navigate autism.

Autism: What Next? is a project of Autism Awareness Australia (AAA) and funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services.


myWAY employability

myWAY Employability helps autistic young people to take control of their future and prepare for working life.

Based on six years of research, myWAY Employability is a smart web platform that helps autistic young people to take control of their future. Unlike other career planning services, myWAY Employability has been designed for and with the autistic community.

myWAY Employability provides an individual profile matched to relevant career, further education and training information and pathways. It helps young people take big dreams and break them into smaller goals and tasks to track progress.

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myfuture provides resources to explore career pathways and tools to develop self-knowledge to help with career decision-making.

Resources are tailored to students, teachers and career practitioners, and carers, parents and mentors.

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Information Sheets

Autism Resource for Warning Signs of Suicide: Considerations for the Autism Community

Autistic people in crisis need additional considerations when being assessed for suicide due to inherent autistic characteristics and behaviors, which may skew the results of an assessment designed for neurotypical people.

This toolkit examines the warning signs for the general public listed on the American Association of Suicidology (AAS)’s website and explains important considerations to be aware of while working with autistic people.

Click here to access the toolkit here.

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