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The unexpected benefits of COVID-19 on the way we work

Guest post written by Aron Mercer & Georgie Chinchen from Xceptional While the COVID-19 pandemic will eventually pass, our hope is the changes to ways of work will endure. 2020 was supposed to be a year of growth for Xceptional. Thanks to Google.Org, Westpac and AMP we had capital, a growing team, and diverse customers.

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Learning the Art of Checking In On Yourself

Self-monitoring is a great practice we can all implement in our daily lives. But what does self-monitoring entail? And why should (and how can) you do it? Self-monitoring can help you to keep a check on what you are doing at any given moment. For instance, is what you are doing really what you are supposed to

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An Introduction to Self-Advocacy & Self-determination Skills. What Are They and Why Are They So Important?

Neurodivergent people often experience challenges in exercising skills associated with self-determination and self-advocacy. Being pinnacle life skills that drive their success in education, employment, independence and within society, with the right supports, tools and strategies, they can develop high levels of self-determination, providing a firm sense of self-confidence. When neurodivergent people gain these skills and

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AUStism at Home - Transitioning to Adulthood

Video: AUStism at Home – Transitioning to Adulthood

(51.02 mins) Hosted, by Autism Awareness Australia, watch ‘AUStism at Home…. an insightful discussion about “Transitioning into adulthood on the autism spectrum.”‘, recorded on 2 April 2020. The webinar panel included: Chris Bonnello, Autistic Not Weird Barb Cook, Neurodivergent Advocate, Writer, Speaker & Biker Charmaine Fraser, Autism mum and Director of Aurora Coordination Nicole Rogerson, Autism

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Autism, Neurodiversity and Employment: Working Together for Positive Futures by Barb Cook, M.Aut., Dip. HSc.

Autistic people are confronted with an array of barriers in many situations throughout their life. These situations centralise around what general society expects of all people, a one size fits all model, without the distinct consideration of disability, difference and inclusion. With the added individual challenges of effective communication skills, lack of self-advocacy and self-determination

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