5 Week Autism Working Program

Autism Working 5 Week Program

The authors of the Autism Working Program, Dr Michelle Garnett and Professor Tony Attwood, hold the following principles to be true and these principles underpin the entire program:

People on the autism spectrum, such as those with Asperger’s syndrome/autism (level1) bring as many or more gifts and strengths to the community, including their workplace, as they do challenges. They do not suffer a disability but experience a different, not defective, way of thinking, learning, perceiving and relating.

People on the autism spectrum thrive in a work culture that is supportive, open-minded, flexible, respectful, and knowledgeable of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and a community that celebrates difference and values knowledge and learning.

The Autism Works program is delivered over five stages with adults on the autism spectrum and are seeking employment or need advice to maintain their employment and achieve promotion within the workplace. 

The course covers four distinct topics, presented in stages 1-4. These four stages are:

  1. Stress and sensory management tools
  2. Social tools
  3. Thinking and awareness tools
  4. Organizational tools

These four stages were carefully chosen and designed to directly address key problems that can occur in the workplace for a person on the autism spectrum, based on research and clinical experience.

The fifth stage is designed to incorporate and consolidate previous learning through the introduction of the Plan to Thrive. The fifth stage is dedicated creating your personal Plan to Thrive, incorporating not only previously learned material, but personal goal setting, planning, setting up your support team and self-monitoring plan. The Plan to Thrive is designed to be both a planning tool and a communication tool.

Course materials include:

  • Pre-course questionnaires (6)
  • Pre-course Readings (8)
  • Video-recordings for each reading (8)
  • Workbooks for each stage (4)
  • Workbook to collate key ideas and plans (1) – Plan to Thrive
  • Audio-recordings (2) – Progressive Muscle Relaxation and Meditation
  • Video-recordings to explain the course to the Support team for each module (3) – (What is ASD? How do I work productively with a person with ASD in the workplace? Social Communication and AS in the Workplace)

Participation in a one-on-one setting


Online via Zoom


Email us HERE for online session bookings.


NDIS participants will be eligible to use their funding for this programme if they have allocated funding for employment capacity building supports. This is only available for self and plan managed participants. If you are unsure on whether you can use your NDIS funding for this programme, please contact your plan manager or your LAC coordinator for clarification.

$1,200.00 per person and payment must be received in full prior to commencing the programme.

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