Our Mission

Neurodivergent people bring a unique strength, dedication and high work ethic to the workplace that must be embraced.  

We at NeuroEmploy aim to change the narrative, find innovative and productive ways to support neurodivergent people into and at work, and to educate employers and business the value of having neurodiversity in the workplace.

As understanding grows around neurodiversity within the workplace, employers embracing differences and supporting neurodivergent people to grow into their potential – these genuinely inclusive practices strengthen and ignite positive growth within business.

Neurodivergent people, when supported and given every opportunity to flourish, become the role models of a dedicated and loyal employee. 

They are the potential compassionate and moralistic leaders of our future and can be pioneers of a new way of thinking and evolving together that benefits not just neurodivergent people, but every person within the workplace, creating a truly inclusive work culture.
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NeuroEmploy - Neurodiversity in Employment
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